Monday, May 31, 2010


March? Geez, that was a long time ago. I apologize for being MIA, but the past few months have been crazy and filled with travel. My current (and soon to be former) position requires an exorbitant amount of travel, so in the past few months I've been (on a weekly basis) to Portland, Phoenix, Chicago, L.A., Denver, get the idea. So most of my weekends are filled with me lying on the couch and becoming even lazier than I ever thought I could be. Well I suppose all of that is about to change. I've gotten a new position with a different division of my old company, and it will require NO travel! I will only be in SF, and I'm excited to finally explore the happy hours around town. So here come my random thoughts......

I clicked on my Google Reader for the first time since I don't know how long ago just before I started this post. I love reading everyone's blogs to see what they've been up to. I mean some will argue that the internet, emails, twitter, texting or whatever are impersonal and you should just pick up the phone. But I like that I can read up on friends that I can't always catch on the phone and see what's going on in life. And I guess it's what's prompted me to write this post too. I should be more faithful for all the inquiring minds who want to know what we're up to in the bay area. And I will try.

The weather's finally getting a bit nicer, and I'm hoping I'll be more active! I have to get in shape, not only cause I will probably have to train for the Nike Half Marathon later on in the year, but because I have become so lazy. I wanna volunteer somewhere, hopefully with some sort of mentor program, just cause I feel like I've been so self-serving since we've moved here. I'm still trying to look into the best programs, but if you have any suggestions please leave a comment! I miss having some core girl friends I can call up and go do stuff with. But I suppose that will take some time. Shopping continues to be my best friend and my husband's worst enemy. One day we'll meet in the middle.

That's all folks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Month in Cooking

Just a couple things I've (James) been cooking this month and trying to learn:

Beef Noodle Soup: Jen says it was just ok, but I thought I did a pretty decent job for my first try. Did you know that the only/main difference between Schichuan and Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soups is Dou Ban Jiang (Hot Bean Sauce) and Schichuan peppercorns? Kinda interesting.

I made this for Valentine's day. Dungeness Crab Cakes with Lemon Aioli, Red Pepper Soup w Crab, and Parmesan Crusted Scallops over Zucchini. Kinda burned the crab cakes a little and the Zucchini secreted some water in the cooking process that I didn't expect, but outside of that it was pretty tasty.
Garlic Roasted Crab (below) and Garlic Noodles (not shown): This was delicious. The famous places here in SF ie Crustacean, PPQ, Thanh Lang though delicious are severely overpriced. Not hard to make and really good eating. I made this for Jen for our 2 year anniversary. Time flies when you're eating good food with the woman you love.

If anyone wants any of these recipes or knows of any great recipes or improvements I could make please feel free to let me know.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I looked up the definition of "wait" there were five listed. The one I feel is our current state is number 3 on the list: to remain neglected for a time. I always think that patience is something God is always trying to teach me or rather something I'm needing to learn and improve upon. And if there is anything I'm really bad at, waiting would be in the top five. I wonder how Sarah or Job or the Israelites felt when they waited for what seemed like forever to me. I must suck at waiting compared to them. Here is a list of the Top 5 things I don't like waiting for, I suppose in no particular order:

1. Traffic
2. Seating in packed restaurants
3. Service at the local DMV
4. Open seating at a crowded blackjack table
5. Husband's next step in life (as well as mine..)

Interestingly enough, number 5 on the list of definitions is to look forward to eagerly. I guess I could always choose the latter, but for now, waiting just sucks.

That's all folks!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Up in the Air

We recently went to watch Up in the Air by Jason Reitman. It was a great movie. I "oh my gosh, yes"ed at every single comment George Clooney made when he was coaching Anna Kendrick (who looked so cute at the Golden Globes!) on which line to choose when going through security. I am by no means a master traveler, but I have gone through more airport security in the past 6 months of new employment than I'd ever really care to. So he picks apart every type of traveler from a traveling mom with kids (which I am always very impressed and sympathetic) to old people and opts for Asians who are very efficient. I actually felt a sense of pride at that moment, because yes, I really do try to be efficient when I'm going through security. The following are non-negotiables. Everyone should be prepping:

1. Yes, you have to take off every type of outerwear. Including bf sweaters/large cardigans.
2. Why are you wearing lace-ups instead of easily slipped on/off shoes?
3. If you don't know that you need to take your lap top out of the bag at this point....
4. Men: remove your belts! (in the most proper way possible)
5. Keep clear baggy easily accessible, your shoes don't have to be in patient.

In other news...

For girls who are "squatters" over the john, do y'all hate the auto flushers that flush too hard? I feel like you have to be extra fast (I'll spare the details of being fast at what) so droplets don't get on you. Sorry if that's gross, but typically airport toilets are like this, so it made me think of it.

Pedestrians, do you try to cross the street when it's your right of way extra fast even if the countdown hasn't started cause you know the car turning right hates you for taking your time?

If you're shopping for something online do you want it a bit less if there's a lot of stock available versus something that you see is sold out in sizes you wear? For example, I really want a pair of rain boots lately (considering it's been raining for the past 5 days) and the beige color is available, but the black, blue and purple are sold out. I like the beige, I could deal with beige, but I think subconsciously I don't want it cause it's available. I'm weird.

Til my next random thought...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a new decade

10 years ago I had almost had my license for a year and was about to get my own car, unknown to me, in about 5 months. I thought high school was the best years I'd ever have - I had THAT much fun with my friends. I had yet to go on a first date, yet to be kissed, but I did have good ole cellie - same number to this day. Well man times have changed. 10 years later I am married, I've moved halfway across the country, and I'm wondering when the best years of my life will be (though college gave high school a run for its money). However I am glad that some things never change. I was so sad that the greatest blizzard of the past decade had hit Wichita Falls on our way home, and we were literally closed off from the city, but we finally made it on Christmas Day. That night we had hot pot with my fam in Wichita Falls followed by an invigorating session of Blackjack in which Mark was the banker:

I think everyone had fun until it got to the point when people were laying down bets to flip the highest card. Sigh. Good times. Here's my extended fam at their best:

Then we had a snowball fight with the best gear we could find:


So yea, I'm thankful that these things don't change. We also spent some time in Houston and didn't get to see AS many people as we'd hoped, but got to spend good time with family too. Looking forward to a new year and a new decade hopefully starting off with a big W.
See y'all in Pasadena. Hook 'em!!